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    Welcome to the home of the very best concreting services in Townsville. We provide a range of great concreting services to homes and businesses throughout Townsville and surrounding suburbs throughout Queensland. Our fantastic team are fully-qualified and are highly-experienced in all things concreting. We provide blue-ribbon services to residential clients and commercial clients looking for exceptional workmanship, customer care, and overall fantastic results. To find out more about the incomparable concreting services we offer, call us today!

    *** Please note – at the moment we are unable to do any concrete repair jobs for cracks etc, and pavers.

    Our contractors are 

    • Fully Licensed
    • Fully comprehensive work cover
    • Been working in the building industry for over 40 years
    • Clean up after ourselves
    • All pricing is honest, upfront with no hidden costs

    What is the Cost of Concreting?

    We offer extremely competitive and reasonable pricing to our clients. We work with budgets of all sizes, and don’t compromise the quality of our work based on the pricing we offer and can break down the pricing included in our invoice and provide easy to understand quotes. We source our materials from reputable suppliers and pass on any savings to our clients. We remind clients that you should expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $180 per m2 to have a concrete slab put down.

    Before you receive a quote from us, there are a few things that have to be taken into consideration

    • Thickness of the concrete
    • Size of the area
    • Existing land type
    • Accessibility
    We ensure honest and upfront pricing with all our jobs, no hidden costs!
    Concrete services
    The quality workmanship we put into the services we offer are what set us apart from rest. Our team are passionate about their work and it shows in the results that they can achieve. Our team provides exceptional driveway concreting, decorative concreting, patios, retaining walls, concrete repairs, foundations, formwork, house and shed slabs, and more. If a service you’re looking for isn’t listed, get in contact with us and we will let you know if it is something that we can do for you.
    There are many uses for concrete throughout residential properties in Queensland. From house slabs, garden shed slabs, features, retaining walls, patios, exposed aggregate, coloured concrete, stencilled concrete more. We provide exceptional concreting services to homes throughout Townsville and surrounding suburbs in Queensland. We have a growing residential customer base and have a proven reputation in quality cement work.
    For us, no job is too big, or too small. So, we offer great commercial concreting services to businesses throughout Townsville. From slabs, formwork, foundations, and more. We have got your commercial work covered.


    Driveways, patio areas, and pool areas don’t have to be bland or boring. Decorative concrete is the perfect accompaniment to the outdoor areas of your home. We supply and install high-quality aggregate, coloured cement, and concrete pavers to showcase the beauty of your home or business.  We have the tools and ability to turn your concrete into a piece of art and improve the aesthetics of the surface

    Driveways and Patios

    Concrete is the perfect building material to use to construct driveways. As it is such a durable material, you can be sure that it will be able to support frequent movement and exposure to heavy vehicles. It is also a great weather-resistant material making it ideal for the wet Queensland weather. Our decorative concrete is the perfect accompaniment to your home and adds a beautiful finish.

    We can lay the foundations in preparation for the installation of your new patio. We can also lay standard cement underneath the patio area or provide a great selection of decorative concrete such as aggregate, concrete pavers, or coloured cement to enhance the space and add a beautiful finish to your outdoor area.

    “We are very happy with what the team. They were professional, efficient and we got a great finish on our driveway. Thanks again guys! Sarah, Garbutt

    House and Shed Slabs

    The foundation of any building is imperative, and if laid incorrectly could mean catastrophic problems in future. Concrete slabs is the core of our business. Buildings and other structures rely on the integrity and quality of the slab to support them. Poorly laid slabs can result in massive structural damage over time and can result in huge expenses. We get things right the first time to prevent poorly laid slabs and contribute to the support of your building or structure.

    Garden shed slabs we recommend being around 7.5cm in thickness, for a patio 10cm, and if for a one car garage we normally go off 15cm for thickness.

    Our team of contractors have years of experience in laying house and shed slabs for our customers all over Townsville.


    Benefits Of Concrete

    There is a range of benefits of choosing to use concrete for your building needs.

    Some of these include:

    • Extreme durability properties and resilience to pressure and weight
    • Eco-friendly solution due to low carbon emission
    • Production costs are low making it an affordable building product
    • A versatile solution that can be used for a huge range of surfaces
    • Provides great insulation properties
    • Great weather and water resistance properties
    • Extremely low maintenance material
    • Can be distributed using many methods from spraying, pumping, grouting, shotcreeting and laying by hand to suit all needs
    • Resistance to high temperatures and heat which is great for high fire-prone areas

    Exposed Aggregate

    Cement is the best choice when it comes to picking a driveway for your property, but if you want to add a spectacular visual look and feel, then you can’t go wrong with exposed aggregate. This type of concrete is also perfect for outdoor living areas areas, especially around pools due to its non-slip properties.

    Why Choose Exposed Aggregate?

    • Durability with a stylish aesthetic: You get all the durability and toughness of cement with a stylish, modern look
    • Concrete aggregate is perfect for high foot traffic areas such as foot paths and driveways and can be an attractive element to your property
    • Weather resistant: It can handle all the heat, hail, wind and rain that you throw at it
    • Loads of options: There is a huge. selection of exposed aggregate concrete colours and textures. As such, this product always contrasts perfectly with all styles of homes – red brick, render, weatherboard, modern or heritage
    • Pretty much maintenance free: Aggregate concrete only needs a hose down every now and then.

    Retaining Walls

    Retaining walls can be used for both functional purposes and decorative purposes. They serve as both a backdrop of your garden, and a protective measure for soil stability.

    We take the ‘boring’ out of retaining walls and add a touch of class and beauty. Retaining walls can be a great way to add a feature to your home, whether it be to incorporate raised garden beds, or to prevent the soil and land from sloping. 

    These walls come in all shapes and sizes, and require very little maintenance after they have been installed.  Our design team can create bespoke retaining walls to fit in with the existing theme of your garden, and bring your outdoor area to life!

    With the correct planning and installation, your retaining walls will perform their job for years to come and continue to add value to your home. We also recommend our partners at Concreters Newcastle if you are in NSW and in need of a quality contractor.

    We booked them for helping us lay a new slab for our garden shed and they did a great job. They were efficient, in and out in a few hours and offered a very competitive price.”
    Lesley, Aitkenval


    How thick should concrete be for a driveway?

    4 inches. For a non-reinforced pavement, a thickness of four inches is standard for passenger car driveways. However, for 5 or 6 inches thickness, reinforcement is necessary, and such breadth works well for heavier vehicles.

    Is concrete better than Asphalt for a driveway?

    Concrete driveways tend to last longer than the asphalt driveways, however are normally more expensive to construct. Concrete can also tend to crack during winter or suffer damage in case you use the wrong de-icing protection.
    On the other hand, Asphalt is flexible, and therefore less likely to crack. However, it requires more maintenance than concrete. But it is easier to repair. A well constructed and maintained Asphalt driveway can last up to 25 years.

    What are concrete slabs used for?

    A concrete slab or foundation is a major structural element of modern buildings and homes. Slabs have a thickness of between 100mm and 500mm and are used to construct horizontal surfaces like floors, ceilings and roof decks.

    How Much Does it Cost to Lay a Concrete Slab

    Similar to doing concrete driveways, this will be affected by the overall area, thickness, accessibility and type of the slab in mind. The average cost for a company to do slab work would be around $60/ m2. However this can vary from $40-85/m2 depending on thickness.

    How Thick Should a Concrete Slab Be?

    This is dependant on the purpose of the foundation being laid, but the minimum should be 5cm. If the slab is thicker, this means it will be more durable, so for residential constructions,  we normally recommend minimum of 10cm for a concrete shed or house slab.

    Can I lay my own concrete slab?

    For DIY activities use a ready-mix crack-resistant concrete mix. Create a wood frame around the area you want to place concrete.

    • Pour a layer of concrete mix and then add a steel reinforcement balls layer on top.
    • Spray paint around the outside
    • Install the rebar securely in place
    • Tap the sides of the box using a hammer
    • Cover the slab with a plastic sheet

    Remove the wooden frame.

    Can I pour concrete over existing concrete?

    Adding a layer of concrete over existing concrete doesn’t join the two because the cement in the concrete doesn’t have a natural bonding agent. That means the concrete sits as a separate layer on top of the existing one. Thus, it doesn’t produce a robust and serviceable floor.
    Additionally, when you bond a block of new concrete to an old one, cracks in the old slab transfer up to the new slab within a day or two.

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