Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls
Our team of contractors have a vast amount of experience working with customers who are renovating and upgrading their properties. 
When it comes to fixing up your garden, retaining walls are a core element to bringing it all together.  They are there for both aesthetics and protection! We can work with you to construct retaining walls for your home or commercial property. Due to the resistant nature of concrete walls, they can increase the safety level of your property as they will prevent landslides and sinkholes, especially if your property is on a hillside. We can use stamped concrete to design the look you wish for the walls so it compliments your surrounding soil and landscape.

Gardens and flowerbeds require protection and to be kept contained and in tact. Our concrete walls can offer this protection, and provide that boundary between your pool or patio and your garden. Our team of designers work with you on a bespoke look to your garden and bring your outdoor area to life!

Retaining Wall Maintenance and Repairs

Our concrete walls are sturdy when constructed therefore require minimal upkeep. occasionally. walls can become crumbled over time, especially in more extreme weather.  When the floods hit QLD a few years ago we had to do a lot of repair work for customers. If you notice cracks, uneven walls or fractures in your landscape walls, then give us a call to help!

If you’re up in NT we also support our friends @ Retaining Walls Darwin for all your landscaping needs.

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