Concrete Driveways

 What is the one of the first things someone sees when they come to your home? Your driveway is a key element of any property. Your driveway is there to manage this foot traffic but also give your property the look and feel you desire. 

It’s used on average four times per day with plenty of foot traffic coming in and out of your home. This is a core reason why we use concrete for driveways. The team at Townsville Concreter pride ourselves on providing only the best service for our customers to ensure their driveway looks immaculate every time. We provide a full range of solutions so your Queensland property has it’s maximum kerb appeal. Whether it’s textured concrete, exposed aggregate, custom footpaths, we can guarantee you will be a happy customer after we leave! Our work will be strong, durable and sturdy to manage any amount of foot traffic.

All of our work is insured and comes with a 5 year guarantee, however we rarely have to come repair any of our work after we have carried out a job! 

Commercial Driveways
Our team have a vast experience constructing driveways for local businesses. Perhaps a new parking area for your office, so your customers can come to your property?  We are on hand to work to your specific requirements. A concrete driveway is built to withstand the high amount of commercial foot traffic that is visiting your office, restaurant or hotel. 
Stamped concrete can often be used in our customers driveway jobs. We can give the a similar look, designing the concrete to look like stone, wood, marble, and much more with our unique finishes.

Exposed Aggregate 

Our team of specialists supply exposed aggregate concrete to our clients around Townsville, and help them put together their perfect design of finishes using our decorative concrete finishes and effects that we can advise. There is literally an endless amount of designs available for customers to choose from.
Exposed Aggregate provides a highly durable surface which is why people will often use them for their swimming pool decking area or driveways where they must be slip resistant.

If you have a driveway needing done and you’re considering exposed aggregate, give us a call and we can show share more ideas about how we can bring your property to life. Give us a call on 07 5646 3601

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