Laying concrete slabs is the type of work we find ourselves doing most often. Again, due to it’s durability, slabs are often favoured for commercial and residential building.

Due to the climate of sunny Queensland, concrete slabs are perfectly suited due to the ability to insulate.

Residential Slabs
Townsville Concreter has years of experience laying slabs for our customers when they are building new homes. We work closely with you to make sure all residential slabs that are laid are all to standards, and can lay one in a few days so you can get straight to the main part of the home build.
We offer a variety of solutions and will suggest a basement that is appropriate for your home. Our foundations are built to last and your home will be built on the highest quality cement available.

We have plenty of experience laying commercial slabs for customers. When you are building a new business, you want to make sure the foundations you are on are durable, so a concrete slab is the obvious and most common choice. 


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